Pedro Camacho | Pedro Macedo Camacho - Composer
Official website of the composer Pedro Macedo Camacho. In 2012 Pedro composed the Requiem Inês de Castro for orchestra, choir, soprano solo and baritone solo.
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Pedro Macedo Camacho


Cannes Lions®, NAVGTR® nominated and Independent Games Festival® (IGF) Excellence in Audio Award winning composer Pedro Camacho’s career is combined of several disciplines.

On AAA video games soundtracks Pedro has composed music for Blizzard's WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Shadowlands and has already composed 12 hours of original music to Chris Roberts's STAR CITIZEN where nearly 3 million players have pledged their support, raising over $317 million to develop the game. He also contributed to Bethesda's DICE Awards® nominated score WOLFENSTEIN II: The New Colossus. Other projects include CD Projekt Red’s WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT and Sid Meier's CIVILIZATION V.

Pedro has also scored commercials for some world famous brands like GATORADE, DUBAI EXPO 2020 and VODAFONE.

On the concert music side, he composed some works for orchestra and choir, like Requiem Inês de Castro and his Te Deum.