Portfolio for Splash Damage // att. Augie Restivo

January 5, 2021

Hi Augie,

First of all, thank you for being interested in hearing my work! I am an absolute fan of synths.

I still remember the day I first played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory! Fantastic game and I couldn't believe it was released for free. It became an instant hit among my clan mates and friends so we played a lot of it online. I became a fan of Splash Damage ever since.

My career as composer started a bit later. When I scored Audiosurf, back in 2008, with a pure synth based soundtrack and was so fortunate to win the IGF Excellence in Audio Award I got some attention from some nice developers.

Then I scored some orchestral concert works which opened the doors to score Star Citizen since 2012, with around 14 hours of original so far. Here I really expanded my synth music and synth music combined with orchestra. I have been using a lot Moog One and Sub37 combined with almost all software synths I can think about with many bespoke synth patches created by me and by some of my favorite Synth patch designers.

I hope you enjoy my music!

Thank you,


GENERIC 2min REEL (2016)

Youtube Link - Only has 2 partial songs but I believe it showcases some of my orchestral sessions, games, films, concert works.

Star Citizen - Grimhex
Modern Vintage Electronica

I was asked to create two main ambient tracks for the Grimhex location inspired by Stranger Things and a mix of vintage and modern electronica.

In the second track I tried to go a bit more away from the Stranger Things sounds and I enjoyed the result.

DOWNLOAD - Dropbox Folder with all tracks for download in .wav format.

Gatorade Commercial - Every Drop of Sweat Counts
Moog One, Diva, Beat, 808, Perc, Cello

I wrote the music for this beautiful Gatorade Commercial. I believe the synths here played a big roll in portraying the pain you feel in the muscles when exercising.

Tina Guo performed the cello lines I wrote and added a few more of her own with the electric cello.

DOWNLOAD - Dropbox Folder with all tracks and individual stems (Synth, Percussion, etc) for download in .wav format.

Star Citizen - Loreville Capital
Vangelis Roots Electronica, Moog sub37, Repro-1

Loreville capital city has a very oppressive regime and the music direction was a new take on Vangelis classical Blade Runner score.

DOWNLOAD - Dropbox Folder with all tracks for download in .wav format.

Luftrum Bioscape - New Tokyo Streets demo
Kontakt Luftrum Bioscape, Cello

I was invited to create a demo for one of the companies that create some of the best patches for so many of my synths.

Luftrum released in 2020 their new flagship synthesizer, Bioscape, based on real life recordings only.

Patches used (all from Luftrum BioScape):
Keys: Atom Electro Watts LUF
Pulse: A Soft Cluster Wind LUF
Rain: Rain sound from Bioscape, no effects except a bit of reverb.
BioCello: Custom made patch out of the "Bowed Diddley Bow" Recording
Final Distortion sound: Hardangervidda TSA

non Bioscape sounds:
Cinesamples Tina Guo Cello
Final seconds of the song has a very soft Sine Wave near the end to increase perceived fundamental sound.

DOWNLOAD - Dropbox Folder with all tracks for download in .wav format.

Star Citizen - New Babbage Capital
Orchestra, Moog One, Omnisphere, Zebra

In the cold lonely world of microTech lies a beautiful city called New Babbage. A heaven in the middle of so much cold climate.

I had no briefing for this one, I just followed my gut feelling and both the client and fans loved it. I was lucky!

Main Game credits


Star Citizen (TBA)
Chorus (TBA)
World of WarCraft: Shadowlands (2020)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (2018)
Witcher 3 (2015)
Civilization V: Brave New World (2013)

Academic Background summary

1994 - 2001conservatory studies

Classical piano and classical composition in Funchal Conservatory then in Lisbon Conservatory. Graduated in 2001 with first-class honours, becoming one of the very few students ever to achieve A+ score every year in composition.

2002 - 2007advanced studies

Film scoring in Berklee College of Music and Jazz Piano in the most prestigious jazz school in Lisbon.