From the Dark
year: 2008

From the Dark composed by Pedro Macedo Camacho

Premiered on November 29, 2021 in Funchal Cathedral in the presence of his Excellency D. Nuno Brás da Silva Martins, Bishop of Funchal and his Excellency Dr. Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government of Madeira, in the first public display of the restoration works done in the past two years in the ceilings of this beautiful cathedral.

Work commissioned by Direção Regional da Cultura da Madeira and Secretaria Regional de Turismo e Cultura da Madeira.

Special thanks to:
Diocese do Funchal
Dr. António Eduardo de Freitas Jesus
Dr.ª Maria Teresa Freitas Brazão
Dr.ª Maria Da Paz Rodrigues
Dr. Francisco António Clode Sousa
Arq.ª Filipa Abrantes

Family and all colleagues in Madeira regional cultural department and so many others that are part of the Madeira Culture Scene that have supported me and believed in me through so many years.

Orquestra Clássica da Madeira (Madeira Classical Orchestra)
Norberto Gomes – artistic director / concertino
Vanda Correia de Jesus – board director

Conductor: Francisco Loreto

First Violins: Norberto Gomes, Olena Soldatkina, Elena Kononenko, Valery Perzhan, Parandzem Khachkalyan, Edina Tenki, Nshan Chalikyan, Olga Proudnikova
Second Violins: Yury Kyrychenko, Natacha Guimarães, Joana Costa, Vladimir Proudnikov, Maxim Taraban, Anahit Dalakyan
Violas: Volodymyr Petryakov, Rostyslav Kuts, Marta Morera, Treneddy Maggiorani
Violoncelos: Marina Gyumishyan, Iryna Bandura, Jaime Dias, Stella Silvian, Mikolaj Lewkowicz
Contrabasses: Gabor Bolba, Marcello Romagnuolo, Tiago Vaz

Flutes: Ana Rita Oliveira, Pedro Camacho
Oboes: Daniel Cuchi, Louise Whipham
Clarinets: José Barros, André Costa
Bassoons: Décio Escórcio, Balbino Silva

French Horns: Peter Vig, Ruben Silva, Pedro Correia, Luís Monteiro
Trumpets: Mário Pinto, Rui Vidal, Sérgio Couto
Trombones: Luís Rodrigues, Maikol Rodriguez, Pedro Pinto
Tuba: Fabien Serge

Timpani: Duarte Santos
Percussion: Jorge Garcia

Audio recorded by Luís Nunes – Delta Som
Audio mixed and mastered by Pedro Macedo Camacho

Video production by Vinco Films
Camera Operators: Saúl Caires, Xavier Sousa, César Gonçalves, Paul Sardinha, Nuno Costa
Editor: César Gonçalves

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