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3D Mark Skydiver

01 Nov 2011, Posted by admin in

Music for 3D Mark’s famous benchmarking tool in 2011. Sound Design by Bastian Seelbach.

Fairytale Fights

27 Oct 2009, Posted by admin in

Hack and slash action-adventure game developed by Playlogic Game Factory and published by Playlogic Entertainment for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Vampyre Story

07 Oct 2008, Posted by admin in

Working with Bill Tiller, the background art director on Monkey Island adventure games from Lucas Arts back in the 90’s, was one of my career highlights. To me this project is a true piece of art.


15 Feb 2008, Posted by admin in

Pedro won the IGF Excellence in Audio Award in 2018 for his work in this project.


16 Oct 2007, Posted by admin in

PvP competitive online role-playing game and massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Auran. Auran’s entry into the genre, Fury, would become the most expensive Australian video game ever made at $15 million.