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Cognitivopolis: Invited Speaker

16 Nov 2013, Posted by in News

Pedro was one of the invited speakers on Cognitivopolis 2013 with others such as Massimo Banzi (Arduino Project co-founder), David Rowan (wired magazine editor), Gian Giudice (CERN theoretical particle physicist). Cognitivopolis is a festival that gravitates around creativity, technology and science, inspired by the concept…

Star Citizen: Hornet Commercial

22 Oct 2013, Posted by in News, Videos (pedro)

Amazing video featuring Star Citizen Hornet spaceship, directed by Crytek’s Hannes Appell, produced by Chris Roberts and scored by Pedro is live now. Audio Direction by Martin Galway and Sound Design and Mix by SourceSound, supervised by Charles Deenen.

CGD Cliente Mais Commercial Music

17 Sep 2013, Posted by in News

Pedro has composed and “Musical FX” designed a hybrid orchestral music with a Hip Hop touch for the newest spot of Portugal’s largest bank, Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

Star Citizen Hangar Module Released

30 Aug 2013, Posted by in News

Star Citizen has just released its pre-alpha hangar module with some of Pedro’s music in the login screen. Star Citizen is the crowd funding world record holder project ever, with nearly 17 million USD in donations so far.