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MPSE Golden Reel Award Nominee

28 Jan 2015, Posted by in News

One of the trailers scored by Pedro in 2014 for Star Citizen is nominated for the 62nd MPSE Golden Reel awards in the Game Cinematics category. The other nominated cinematics were from World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Halo, Overwatch and Far Cry 4.

Integration 1 for two pianos recording

22 Dec 2014, Posted by in News

Pedro Macedo camacho latest classical work, “Integration I” was recorded last December 4. Beautifully performed by the world famous duo Honor O’Hea (Ireland) and Robert Andres (Croatia) the work was also gained many positive critics in classical magazines, such as Glosas.

Jalopy by Daniel Kautz

11 Nov 2014, Posted by in News

Pedro will be scoring the film Jalopy, directed by Daniel Kautz. “It is a fantastic SciFi comedy filmed in a medium I personally love: real 35mm film. The score will be completely performed live by an orchestra in europe.”

Tyler Manzo's Our Happy Apocalypse

10 Nov 2014, Posted by in News

SciFi western awesomeness in a very weird setting is probably the best way to eventually describe Our Happy Apocalypse directed by Tyler Manzo, which Pedro will be scoring soon.

Star Citizen: Live FPS Demo

01 Nov 2014, Posted by in News

Pedro worked with Cloud Imperium Games and its incredibly talented external developer Illfonic to create all the music in this demo. “It was a pleasure to work with such industry talents like Kedhrin and Chuck, they will certainly shape and define the VG industry in a few years.”