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Star Citizen Cast announced

15 Oct 2015, Posted by admin in News

Star Citizen, which is being scored by Pedro, has an incredible cast: Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Rhona Mitra, Sandi Gardiner, Ben Mendelsohn, Andy Serkis, Jack Huston, Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham etc…

NAVGTR Best Song Awards nominee

03 Feb 2015, Posted by in News

The song composed by Pedro for 1954:Alcatraz, “Try and Forget me” with vocals by Maria Leal, was nominated by 637 press voters for the ‘Best Song Original or Adapted’ category. Other nominees include Paul McCartney (Destiny), Trevor Morris & David Gaider (Dragon Age: Inquisition), Nirvana (Infamous).