Music by Pedro Macedo Camacho | Pedro Macedo Camacho - Composer
Official website of the composer Pedro Macedo Camacho. In 2012 Pedro composed the Requiem Inês de Castro for orchestra, choir, soprano solo and baritone solo.
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Cannes Lions®, NAVGTR® nominated and Independent Games Festival® (IGF) Excellence in Audio Award winning composer Pedro Camacho’s career is combined of several disciplines.

On AAA video games soundtracks Pedro has already composed 7 hours of original music to Chris Roberts's STAR CITIZEN where over a million players have pledged their support, raising over $188 million to develop the game and contributed to Bethesda's DICE Awards® nominated score WOLFENSTEIN II: The New Colossus. Other recent projects include CD Projekt Red’s WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT and Sid Meier's CIVILIZATION V.

Pedro has also composed several concert works, like Requiem Inês de Castro and has several years of experience in commercial and film work.


A combination of 20 years of experience in orchestral music, having worked with multiple orchestras around the world on both classical and scoring fields, and his first love in music, synthesizers and electronic instruments give Pedro a very unique approach to scoring

Side by side with this, he also shares a passion for Jazz Piano, mostly due to his uncle, Jorge Borges, influence since he was 15 years old.

Pedro's music tries to combine careful and colorful orchestrations with the latest modern sounds available. Getting an unique identity is the key to each project and Pedro believes this can only be achieved when you look at each soundsource as a tool to your goal.

"There are only two types of music: Good and Bad. I try to make the first type."